Quality Wholesale Herbs and Herbal Products

Meridian Herbs supplies dried, raw, cut wholesale herbs to herbalists, retail health shops, vets and animal food and supplement manufacturers. We also supply retail ranges of medicinal and culinary herbal products. We practice organic farming and our herbs are of the highest quality standard, yet remain very competitively priced. Give us a call, we love sharing our knowledge and advice!

Our Products

Quality dried wholesale herbs for medicinal and culinary use
Medicinal herbal tea blends
Herbal creams and lotions
Herbal tinctures and tincture blends
Hand-made pure herbal capsules
Pure powdered herbs
Culinary herbs
Bespoke herbal blends



Our Story

Meridian Herbs was established in a fertile valley, north-east of Brits, in 1998. We remain a family-owned business, managed by Margie Frayne. Margie is a herbalist with over 40 years of herbal knowledge and 25 years of practical, organic-based agricultural experience. She has a great passion for applied herbal theory, which she has combined with her background in diet, nutrition and the culinary arts. The results are quality wholesale herbs and a unique, specially-formulated range of herbal products which are effective and very popular. Margie loves to share her products and her knowledge with others. Beyond agricultural activities, she has lectured extensively on herbs, written many articles, edited a herbal magazine and published five books.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our business.
We practice organic agriculture principles, regenerative farming, companion planting and crop rotation.
We use certified organic fertiliser, high-quality organic compost, seaweed foliar spray, home-grown mulch & natural herb sprays.
Your herbs will be free of poisons, chemicals, preservatives or irradiation from seedling, through our disciplined growing and processing stages, and into your hands.



Our Customers

Health shops
Complementary veterinarians
Manufacturers of medicinal herbal products for humans, birds, dogs & horses
Dog food manufacturers
Soap makers
Candle makers
Beauty product manufacturers
Home fragrance product manufacturers
Culinary arts practitioners
Gin makers
…and you!